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I mean, there was nobody around to do it for me!

They didn't have internet,

      what was I supposed to do!?

     Thank you,


                Art class

I mean,

there was nobody

around to do it for me!

" I'm bad at bios. But I'm one hell of an Artist!

My name is Brogan and I Live, I Breathe, I Gush, POP Music.

All I know for certain in life is how to make the most memorable Music, Photography and Video Content.

Growing up nobody expected I would be able to use a pen to write, so as long as I've had access to a computer, I have created music. I'd mix sample loops in Garageband on the school funded MacBook in class if I could get away with it.

Cut to high school and I had the entire Adobe Suite on there.  I could take this time to give you the sob story of growing up different, but by then I knew what I wanted. At 16 I knew I wanted to be a Pop Star. I already had the know-how to make it happen.

I've always made all my music,  I've had to learn how to create a song from conception to completion. I don't have any qualifications to show you other than the work itself.

No university, no time to waste. I dived straight in and now I'm on studio number two, where I opened my doors to other musicians and artists to collaborate not just on recording music but music video and photography endeavours.


I've got a fabulous brand-new Extended Play with some incredible tracks that I'm proud of which I'm confident to say are beyond studio quality, with accompanying music videos soon to be released that exceed anything I've ever done before.

with the music I've made, I take it out to as many venues as I can to perform it for as many people as I can. Performing is impossible without dancing for me, and performing live is impossible without singing live. And even though I'm the only one there with a headset microphone, I don't mind standing out from everyone else.

I've been doing that all of my life... "

© 2020 by BROGAN FOX.

Brogan Fox Music.

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