My name is Brogan, and I'm just gonna cut straight to it, I love pop music.

Not necessarily the kind you're thinking of, I'm talking about pop in its purest form. That kind of sugar for your head, unmistakably head bobbing type of music that I feel is lacking a real presence in the current music world.  

That's why my music is crafted and designed to release as many endorphins in your brain as I can.  It seems there isn't enough music that makes you feel good at the moment and I think people deserve to be uplifted.

I've got a fabulous brand-new Extended Play with some incredible tracks that I'm proud of which I'm confident to say are beyond studio quality, with accompanying music videos soon to be released that exceed anything I've ever done before.

I could list you my achievements verbatim but I feel that taking every opportunity to perform Pop Music throughout the North West, especially in Indie-loving Manchester, in a wheelchair, should give you a good understanding of my determination.  Let it be known that what I do know reflects not even close to the heights that I dream to achieve!


Manchester, UK


POP, Dance, Electronic, Teen-Pop

Years Active:

2015 - Present

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Brogan Fox Music.

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